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Healing Arts Studio is currently closed. We are hoping to re-open soon! In the meantime, stay safe & healthy! Hug your loved ones closely, do more of what uplifts you and smile often! 

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A few words, fun facts & life history from your instructors!

17 years ago, I became a certified yoga teacher in a humble studio in Lake Worth, Florida. I have been in love with it ever since. Lately, I find myself in awe of the fact that I am still enamored with the practice. I believe my love for yoga is partially because I know it's what I am meant to be doing. Along with that belief, it keeps me curious, passionate & challenged because there is always more to learn about it! One of my motto's is that I will forever be a student of yoga and of life.

I have taught classes in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Florida, Virginia Beach, North Carolina, Costa Rica and at all around upstate New York. I frequently visit local schools & college campuses, bringing yoga to students as well as staff.

More recently, I have been immersing myself in energy work (specifically reiki and sound healing) while learning and leading classes in Yin Yoga. Each week, I offer energy healing sessions, helping my clients uncover & explore their own healing potential. 

I embrace the idea that I will forever be a student of life - always learning and growing. When I can, I love to paint, spend time with my loved ones & listen to live music. I also enjoy finding ways to inspire others and having authentic conversations with strangers. 

Becky Lloyd

Studio Manager

Trinity Engle

I love coffee, avocado toast, Chocolate, stormy weather, and books. I am a very curious person and love learning about pretty much anything. I think it’s important to always be trying something outside of your comfort zone so right now that means I’m taking a drawing class. I love teaching yoga because It changed my life. The two emojis that I use the most are the ❤️ and the 😂 

Michaela Smith is a certified children’s yoga instructor and a Mental Health Counseling student at SUNY Oswego. She is a mother who believes all children are magical and deserve the space to express their feelings, move their bodies and be themselves.

Michaela Smith

Cathy Smith

Recovery Yoga

Cathy has practiced yoga for many years. She is recently certified in Yin and Yoga Nidra and Yoga of 12 Step Recovery.

She is a Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor and is retired from NY State Department of Corrections where she worked for 20 years.

Cathy believes that we need to address and treat the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the disease of addiction, and that Yoga is the perfect compliment to a 12 step lifestyle. She draws on her own experience with 12 step recovery programs and these experiences have helped to foster her belief that we are ALL MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT.          

Rebecca Craig

Rebecca has been a special education teacher for 19 years. During this time, she became interested in working with children in hopes of teaching them yoga. Two years ago, her interest became a reality and she received her certification for Children’s Yoga through Kidding Around Yoga. Over these last few years, Rebecca has taught various kids yoga classes and has also led Mommy & Me classes. In the summer of 2019, her yoga journey brought her to Lansing, NY where she completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Farm. Since successfully finishing her teacher training, Rebecca has been instructing gentle yoga and Vinyasa (flow) yoga at the YMCA in Fulton, NY. She is enjoying the experience very much and is excited to see what her yoga journey will bring next!

Sarah Punzo​

New Moon Sound Journey

Sarah first discovered yoga while living out West. It was after taking her very first yoga class that she knew she had found something wonderful in yoga. She practiced for a few years in Portland, Oregon before moving back East to be closer to family. Once she arrived in Syracuse, she began looking for a place to practice. She was very particular about what type of yoga center she was seeking as she wanted to find a place that taught yoga holistically; with an emphasis on meditation and breathing techniques, as much as the asana practice. After researching the different centers in the area, Sarah took her very first class with Saraswati Om in 2009. It was a beginner level class and by the time the class had ended, she knew she had found the place she had been seeking. She has been practicing yoga at Dharma Yoga Syracuse ever since.

Sarah completed the Life of a Yogi Teacher Training through Dharma Yoga Syracuse in the fall of 2016 and holds her 200 hour certification. Sarah also just recently completed the 500 hour Radiant Life Teacher Training and is working on her internship requirements toward certification. Through Luna Devi Yoga, Sarah teaches the Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes, as well as Mama and Baby classes. For more information on class schedule and pricing, visit www.lunadeviyoga.com.

Sarah began working with sound after purchasing her first crystal singing bowl about three years ago. She then had the opportunity to complete the Sound Medicine Training Module 1 for alchemy signing bowls and the Sound Medicine Training Module 2 for gongs. She now has five crystal singing bowls, an ocean drum and koshi chimes which she works with on a regular basis, offering sound experiences for her yoga students and with other practitioners who offer sound journeys in the Community.  

Margaret Miner, LMT

Margaret Miner Is a Restorative Exercise Specialist and Licensed Massage Therapist.

She is an October, graduate of the Onondaga School Of Massage (2000) and a graduate of world renowned biomechanist, Katy Bowman’s program, “Nutritious Movement” (2016). Katy’s movement philosophy encourages people to move more and move better by making simple alignment changes to improve body awareness and function.

Margaret first became interested in the Nutritious Movement program when searching for a way to solve her chronic foot and knee pain that kept her from enjoying day hikes as well as functional, daily walking. She discovered and practiced Katy Bowman’s teachings and is nearly pain free and back to enjoying walks.

Being impressed with her own recovery and wanting to help others who feel helpless with their pain, she trained to be an instructor and now holds Restorative Movement classes at her massage office in Oswego. She hopes more people become interested in why and how movement matters! 

Jayme Mceuen

Jayme has worked in the chiropractic field for ten years and truly believes that we can heal ourselves naturally. She became interested in CBD after rescuing her dog, Kenzie, from an overcrowded puppy mill. It soon became apparent that Kenzie suffered from terrible anxiety. Wanting to help her dog find ease and comfort, Jayme reached out to her local pet store for advice. They recommended that she try CBD for pets. After following through with their recommendation & seeing quick results, Jayme's interest in CBD was ignited & she knew she wanted to try some for herself. She began researching and sampling CBD from various companies & finally found Taspen's Organics, founded in the mountains of Colorado. Their organic products range from tinctures, creams, sunscreens to pet products. With ingredients such as hemp oil, essential oils and herbs, these products are designed to help alleviate common ailments such as anxiety, insomnia, skin issues, digestive ailments & so much more. Jayme has been using CBD for almost two years now and continues to research holistic health avenues. Her journey has taken her from Colorado to beautiful upstate NY where she lives with her pup and boyfriend. They all enjoy being outdoors, traveling and living anxiety free.

Jennifer Commane

Jennifer started practicing yoga as a form of exercise and stress reduction during her college years. What she discovered along her journey turned out to be so much more than what she had expected. Her yoga practice began to reveal changes in her physical body and she also began to notice a growing sense of inner peace and tranquility – more than she had ever experienced before. This awareness brought her even more deeply into her own personal practice and eventually, she just knew that she wanted to share yoga with others. This led her to enroll in the Infinite Light Yoga Teacher Training program, where she obtained her 200 hour teacher certification.

Jennifer’s classes are experiential, using detailed directions and education seamlessly intertwined throughout her classes. She explores meditation, breathing, postures and of course, yogic relaxation. By blending the physical and spiritual practices together, she has created the perfect opportunity for her students to slow down and to connect more deeply with themselves.

Jennifer invites you to come to her classes so that together, the peaceful practices of yoga may be explored.