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Healing Arts Studio is currently closed. We are hoping to re-open soon! In the meantime, stay safe & healthy! Hug your loved ones closely, do more of what uplifts you and smile often! 

Check out our yoga & meditation links below. We will be adding new classes as often as possible. 

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"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."

~ Bhagavad Gita 

Class Descriptions

New Monday Evening Class Coming Soon! 

*** Align & Ground ***

This multi-level Hatha Yoga class begins with a centering meditation and a strong focus on the breath. Beginning in such a way will land you in the present moment so that you can mindfully allow your stress and tension to melt away with complete awareness. With each pose, you will clear the space for relaxation, restoration and the ability to realign your body, mind & spirit. Class will be complete with a calming guided relaxation, that will leave you feeling more connected, grounded & better able to take on your week ahead. Align & Ground is designed with all levels of practitioner in mind.

75 minutes

Gentle Yoga

Let go of any lingering stress and enter into the present moment with this end of the week evening yoga class. We begin our practice by using various breathing techniques designed to help you let go of tension, worry & stress. As class continues, we will slowly and gently move through a full body sequence that will help create space within your body and between the thoughts. Concluding our practice, we revisit the breath and then guided into a deep relaxation. Modifications will be offered making this class suitable for any level of ability.

75 minutes 

Arrive into Stillness

A blend of Yin (quiet & still) & Yang (more movement & energy) postures. We will begin with the Yang poses by warming the body with some floor work, seated and standing poses. These initial poses will incorporate more of a flowing quality and will move at a moderate tempo. Half way through the class, we will introduce Yin postures. These poses will be supported with props and held for 2-5 minutes on each side. The longer, more relaxed holds will assist us while making our way deep into the body to target the connective tissues (tendons, ligaments & fascia). By making our way beneath the muscles and to the fascia, we are making the space for enormous health benefits that will be explained throughout class. 

75 minutes

This is not a regularly scheduled class, however, will be on the schedule from time to time. 

Yin to Yang‚Äč

A blend of Yin (quiet & still) & Yang (more movement & energy) postures. We begin with yin poses while the body is still somewhat cool & while we are more easily able to get to the connective tissue in the body. The second half of class, we build more heat within the body with higher energy poses by introducing our Yang poses. We end class with an extended Savasana (final relaxation).

75 minutes

* This is not a regularly scheduled class, however, will be on the schedule from time to time. 

Slow, Strong & Steady 

Start your week off with this all-level vinyasa inspired yoga practice. You will find a blend of slow sun salutes, strong standing, balancing and seated postures, core work, and inversions. Appropriate modifications and variations will be offered to meet all needs and level of practitioner. 

75 minutes

Lunch Hour Yoga Fix

A short but sweetly sequenced yoga practice that will break up stagnation in your day and throughout the body & mind. Expect dynamically linked movements synchronized with the breath while applying the principles associated with proper alignment. This class is appropriate for all levels, however, is more of a vigorous style of yoga, so be prepared to sweat and challenge the body. Modifications will be offered for any level of practitioner.

75 minutes


Unwind, Flow & Relax

A steady, calm, and relaxing stream of poses designed to relax the body, unwind the mind and slow the breath toward the end of your day. An emphasis on proper alignment will help you find your footing in some of the more common poses of a faster-paced vinyasa-flow class. Throughout practice, we will find ease within the body and mind offering ourselves plenty of time for relaxation!

90 minutes

Good Morning Yoga 

In this morning class, we will start slowly and gradually build heat in the body with sun salutations to wake up and get your body moving. Once up and moving, expect a faster flow as we string together standing, balance, back bending & warrior poses. We will wind down & complete class with a brief meditation/relaxation. You won't need coffee to make it through your day after this class!

60 minutes

Let it Go ~ Yoga Flow

Let go of any tensions with this grounding & mindful yoga sequence. Expect a series of seated, standing & reclined postures strung together with an emphasis on full yogic breathing. Throughout the duration of this class, you will cultivate a sense of peace and calm while strengthening muscles and joints, increasing flexibility and building up your muscular endurance. You will step off of your mat feeling aligned and ready to take on the weekend. Suitable for all levels of experience. 

75 minutes

Slow Your Flow

Creative movement guided by breath with various modifications based on experience, restrictions or individual needs. Each class is designed as a learning opportunity with sequencing and readings geared toward a specific outcome such as relieving anxiety, opening the chest, loosening hamstrings, alleviating symptoms of vertigo, overcoming fear, etc. 

75 minutes

Ease & Breathe

Relax into your Thursday morning with intuitive & mindful yoga sequencing.  Each class will present an opportunity to explore the opposite sides of the spectrum of concepts such as effort and surrender while in our postures. We will build strength & flexibility within the body while navigating the release of tensions from the body & mind. 

75 minutes

*Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to find your space and to settle in. 

These classes are currently NOT on the schedule, but we hope to have them in the near future.

Tai Chi

A fun and self-healing platform for all ages, abilities and intentions. This is an ancient Chinese practice of energy exercise involving simple movements and breath work. When performing Tai Chi, Yin and Yang energies are circulated and cultivated. 

Kids Yoga

Private sessions available!

Kids yoga classes are usually separated between ages 4-7years (accompanied by an adult) and ages 7-10 (drop off). The classes are approximately 30-45 minutes in duration, filled with creative & mindful movement, yoga games, breathing techniques and they usually end with some sort of "take away activity." If your child does not wish to participate and is not being disruptive, then we would encourage you to allow them the space that they need until they feel ready to join in. 

(If you are interested in attending a kids yoga class, please email: [email protected])